"...Thanks to GIIG who saved my business from complete devastation by a $160,000 back wage claim. GIIG was always by my side through out the entire episode, and helped me reduced and settled this case for $5,000..."


"...if it had not been GIIG, I would have quit my business a long time ago. Thanks to GIIG for lowering my workers compensation insurance cost, and helped re-structured my company to operate within the legal definitions..."


"...when my company was facing a $45,000 wage claim from the US Department of Labor, GIIG defended me, organized my accounting mess and negotiated a settlement of $4,500..."


"...Cal/OSHA issued a series of citations for safety violations for over $20,000, GIIG was able to correct all safety shortcomings and document all necessary repairs. Our citations were negotiated down to $1,200...thank you..."


"...when my business tax return was ravaged by an IRS auditor, GIIG was there to help me ride through the biggest storm in my life. Thanks to the good coaches from GIIG, I did not go crazy and spoke unnecessarily to induce further damage to myself..."

Linh's Clothing

"...When the State DLSE TIPP was sweeping the South land, my company was one of the targets; and was slapped with citations from various government agencies. The largest headache was from the EDD, because they decided to audit the cash paid employees... GIIG was there to lessen the damages from all agencies and streamlined the EDD audit process, resulting in a minimized financial burden to my firm 60k -> 8k


"...my employees had a dispute with me about work condition and their wages, GIIG acted swiftly as the liason (who speaks my employees' language) and settled our differences before it turns into a legal battle..."


"...I was issued a hefty citation for timecards and insurance violation. Thanks to GIIG, my citations were adjusted to reflect the true number of incidences...what's better than effective legal services for free..."