Workers Compensation
Workers compensation insurance is GIIG's core service offering. As such, we offer one of the best rates in the industry. Although, we cater to the garment industry, we are not limited to it. Our low cost workers compensation insurance can be realized by virtually any business.
GIIG offers multiple options for payroll processing. This includes a complete "hands off" service where we will process all your payroll needs and provide all payroll documentation and legalization. By off-loading your payroll hassles, you can focus your time where it counts... Growing your business.

For those wanting a more hands on but yet still an easier way of handling your payroll, GIIG offers a complete online payroll service.
Compliance Program
GIIG's Safety Compliance Program provides business owners a complete breakdown of their current business operations by a GIIG safety compliance expert. We will review your operation and provide you a full analysis on any potential safety violations and will provide the means to correct them.

The GIIG Safety Compliance Program is part of the GEAR program and is not offered as an individual service.
Online Payroll Processing
and Time Clock Management
Online payroll processing and time clock management are added services provided to GIIG clients at no additional cost. These services are not offered by themselves but are inclusive when you sign on with us for workers compensation insurance or any of our other services. For specific details on the online payroll processing or time clock management, please contact a GIIG representative.
Tax and
Labor Code Consultation
Another added benefit of being a GIIG customer is having tax and labor code experts at your service to answer all your questions or help resolve tax or labor or safety violations you may have. This service is included at no additional cost when you sign on with us for workers compensation or any other paid service. No other workers compensation company offers paralegal services for free. We do this because we know by helping our customers avoid claims or violations, we can maintain our low costs which in turn lowers your costs.
All Government,
Permit and Tax Application Processing
With our highly trained professionals, there is no need for you to struggle through miles of government related paperwork for your business. Whether you are trying to obtain a permit or have tax forms filled out, our experts are here to help guide you through the process.